messagingtoolkit: Release is out

Added by admin 254 days ago

There are a few bug fixes included in this release.

  • MMS Unicode subject issue is fixed
  • Improved performance for multiple modems
  • Enhance the existing sample code

messagingtoolkit: New Release of MMS Library

Added by admin 287 days ago

A new version of the MMS library is available now.

You can download it from

This release fixed a couple of issues related to Unicode encoding

messagingtoolkit: VB.NET Version of MessagingToolkit.Core.Utilities

Added by admin 298 days ago

Thanks for "newlife" for porting the sample code to VB.NET.

The sample code can be downloaded at

messagingtoolkit: Release is out

Added by admin 302 days ago

The following issues are fixed in this patch release.

1. Allow the log file location to be configured
2. Fix Unicode issue in vCard, vCalendar and MMS
3. Support basic "DALARM" in vCalendar
4. Fix the SMS reference number issue so that the reference number in the delivery report matches the reference number returned during sending

messagingtoolkit: Release is out

Added by admin 336 days ago

In this release, the sample code is upgrade to use VS2010.

A run-time debug mode feature is also available.

This release also supports delayed message sending. You can set the scheduled delivery date in the message field.

The priority message queue and delayed message queue can be set as persistent queue so that messages are not lost whenever the application is restarted.

In this release, 64 bits version of the libraries are included as well.

messagingtoolkit: Release is out

Added by admin 371 days ago

Release is a minor release which support picture SMS. You can use any image files (JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc) and the library will convert it to black and white and with the correct image size to be sent out.

You can hang up incoming call automatically, and cancel existing USSD session.

messagingtoolkit: SmartGateway Preview

Added by admin 433 days ago

MessagingToolkit SmartGateway is currently in the final stage of testing. It will be available in about 1 to 2 months time.

Below is the screenshot of the management console

messagingtoolkit: SmartGateway in release 1.4

Added by admin 527 days ago

SmartGateway allows you to set up your message gateway easily. Some of its features

  • Support multiple gateways
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS in XML so that you easily integrate it with external applications
  • Command line utilities to send SMS
  • External program or PowerShell scripts can be triggered using rules for sent/received messages
  • Built-in web server to support sending/receiving messages using HTTP protocol and REST
  • A web interface for sending and receiving messages, and also administration
  • A Windows client which can be installed with different client id, and uses the message server for message sending/receiving
  • A flexibile log viewer
  • A script editor
  • Ability to schedule message sending in bulk
  • A built-in database to store application configurations and messages sent/received
  • Messages can be stored in database and also serialize to XML files
  • The built-in database used is SQLite, but it can be easily changed to other databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

messagingtoolkit: Release is out

Added by admin 540 days ago

Version is out. SMPP protocol is now supported in this release.

messagingtoolkit: Patch Release

Added by admin 560 days ago

A critical bug is found in release which slow down the message sending when the message load is high.

This bug is fixed in release

In this release also, the logging format is streamlined.

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