SmartGateway in release 1.4

A message gateway will be available in version 1.4
Added by admin 186 days ago

SmartGateway allows you to set up your message gateway easily. Some of its features

  • Support multiple gateways
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS in XML so that you easily integrate it with external applications
  • Command line utilities to send SMS
  • External program or PowerShell scripts can be triggered using rules for sent/received messages
  • Built-in web server to support sending/receiving messages using HTTP protocol and REST
  • A web interface for sending and receiving messages, and also administration
  • A Windows client which can be installed with different client id, and uses the message server for message sending/receiving
  • A flexibile log viewer
  • A script editor
  • Ability to schedule message sending in bulk
  • A built-in database to store application configurations and messages sent/received
  • Messages can be stored in database and also serialize to XML files
  • The built-in database used is SQLite, but it can be easily changed to other databases like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL.