Awesome Application

Added by JJAD 5 days ago

It is a awesome application i am using this for my personal purpose.before i have sonyericsson w800i mobile.all things works properly sending,receiving message,reading phone book .last week i buy nokia x6 .sending message no problem.but not receiving message.cannot read phone book.Kindly notice it if can what i want to do for that.and finally.can u explain about we need to buy a smpp from a operator or can we made it for free.plz waiting for ur valuable reply.especially in smpp.


RE: Awesome Application - Added by admin 5 days ago


Most probably the Nokia phone does not support receiving messages. You can use the diagnostics program provided to test for this.

For SMPP, you need to get an SMPP account from the telco operator. It is used for very large volume message sending