Problem Modem GSM

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Hello I have a Motorola V3 phone, I'm using the library works great MessagingToolKit.Core

1 - The problem happens with the Cell is that it recognizes the incoming call, activate the command (AT+CLIP=1) in the HyperTerminal and it works, the phones do not we acknowledge the( AT+CLIP=? ).
2 - does not recognize the HandUp, the command does not work ATH to hang up the call, it works with the (AT+CHUP) command. It works only with the direct commands (AT+CLIP=1) or (AT+CLIP=0)

Problems detected using the library's check you wrote in, which also works great.

I hope you can help with the problem

The library MessageingToolKit.Core I have tested several models of Motorola and Nokia and presents the same problem


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Can you describe in more details? I cannot understand your problem.

The core library uses both CHUP and ATH for hang up. First it tries CHUP, it there is error then it will proceed to use ATH

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Also please attach the log file if you see there is any error

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Hang Up The problem is already solved.

Problem of the AT + CLIP or mobileGateway.EnableCallNotifications (), with the library MessagingToolKit.Core returns me the error (+ CME ERROR: 4) in the HyperTerminal gives me an answer.

But it is possible that upon receiving the ring, as the event IncomingCallEventArgs is activated. So this way if the AT + CLIP does not work the same way will be activated and IncomingCallEventArgs we can detect that is entering a call and we proceed to Hang Up on an automatic procedure for the person who needs

messagingtoolkit_201002.log - Log Status (27.8 KB)

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CME ERROR 4 means "Operation not supported". However, you mentioned that Hyperterminal is working?

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Problem solved, find another Cellular and ready.

A inquitudes have. I'm putting together a project to make the shipment of 8,000 messages per day with 8 cell MessagingToolKit.Core the library is able to do the task.

To do so purchasing the license. For that reason some examples pedia and Load Balance Router, the project I am working in VB.Net, I have not yet been able to integrate the examples they provided me.
I hope you can help me best with it, and send using the examples of NumberRouter and RoundRobinLoadBalancer integrated with BulkGateway

I expect prompt response. To make a secure purchase

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NumberRouter and RoundRobinLoadBalancer is already part of the release.

Bulk Gateway source code is also included as a sample code. You can easily change the the number router and load balancer from the properties of MessageGatewayService.

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I appreciate the way as I have responded quickly and satisfactorily.
I was looking at the code of bulk sms, but can not give with the use of LoadBalance NumberRouter and RoundRobinLoadBalancer and please could hang an example of using these functions ...

In the previous question solicited information on whether an MessagingToolKit.Core library would have the ability to send 8000 sms daily and supports 8 phones connected.

I expect a prompt response from you, as until now I've had.

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In Bulk Gateway source code, do the following

In InitializeApp,

private void InitializeApp() {
messageGatewayService = MessageGatewayService.NewInstance();

// Create the number router here 
numberRouter = new NumberRouter(messageGatewayService);
// Assign the load balancer here   
RoundRobinLoadBalancer roundRobinLoadBalancer = new RoundRobinLoadBalancer(messageGatewayService);
messageGatewayService.LoadBalancer = roundRobinLoadBalancer;

In AddGateway,

IMobileGateway mobileGateway;
btnAddGateway.Enabled = false;
mobileGateway = messageGateway.Find(config);
if (mobileGateway == null) throw new Exception("Error connecting to gateway. Check the log file");
mobileGateway.MessageSending += OnMessageSending;
mobileGateway.MessageSendingFailed += OnMessageFailed;
mobileGateway.MessageSent += OnMessageSent;
mobileGateway.Id = gatewayId;
// Add the prefix here               
numberRouter.Assign("123", mobileGateway);

As for the capability to send 8000 sms, it also depends on your network and network operator.

On average you could send 20-40 SMS per minute per gateway.

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Thank you very much for all the help it provides to support the use of your product ...

The problem I had with the Motorola V3 is detected by assigning the computer hyperterminal command AT + MODE = 2, when the team puts it to work that way, if you select the AT + CLIP and got reference this document: There is an instruction for motorola embodied in that document that informs you which commands allowed, but only works when the computer works as AT + MODE = 2.

Now I'm getting the information of incoming calls, note that you give information of the gateway which is entering the call to Hand Up to the gateway is necessary that the gateway.

How could capture the Gateway?

Sorry, my English is not very good

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I refer to the incoming Idgateway

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I could not understand your scenario. Can you describe it using an example?

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My scenario is as follows.
To solve the problem of incoming calls with the motorola, send the command AT+MODE=2, the documentation got here, and apparently does the majority of motorola

Now the library MessagingToolKit.Core notifies me of incoming calls, but note that the information provided did not show the gateway or to proceed idgateway hang up the call.

From what I understand it, to hang up the incoming call must be the idgateway or gateway where the call is entering. Or has another way to hang the incoming call.?

For me it is important to implement this function as delay sending sms while the ringing cell phone.

For the rest the library works great, I was showing the library to other colleagues to evaluate and so far I have received good reviews.

Excuse my English is not very good.

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In current release,the CallInformation does not contain the gateway id. We will release a new version soon and will put that feature in as well. The release should be out this month.