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11:47 PM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: CMS Error
I'm using the pdu lib you.
11:39 PM messagingtoolkit Support: CMS Error
I'm trying your pdu lib using siemen c35 and c55. Sometime it send success and sometime get cms error 304 and cms error 41. 0031000D81801399903733F300000B10AB61730A2A4AA54FA90E3483D140 +CMS Error 41 0031000C8180139990373300000B06E139393C2703...


07:06 PM messagingtoolkit Support: What modem support Sim Toolkit Command? ---Shared Here Please---
Hi all, What modem support for sim toolkit command? Please share here...


12:47 AM messagingtoolkit Support: QR Code
Hi, I want to ask: What company can be implemented sending QR Code through MMS? Approximately when the message server released?


10:35 AM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Help Me
Ok, Please release it as soon as possible. And please share the code for us. I reaaly need how to send SMS Over a network and receive the SMS and forward the. Thank you..
07:45 AM messagingtoolkit Support: Help Me
Hello sir, I want to ask: 1.Would you mind to teach me how to send message from another computer? Send sms through LAN network. If you have sample, please give reference to me. 2.How to create wappush message and smart messaging message with th...


03:24 AM messagingtoolkit Support: Checking Type of String
Hi, I want to know how to check the string is 7Bit Ansi, 8 Bit Ansi or 16 Bit Unicode?For e.g a user write some text in the textbox to send sms? How to check the sting will be converted to 7bit ansim 8bit ansi and 16 bit unicode? 2.I need added...


12:34 PM messagingtoolkit Support: v1.20
Hello Sir, I have purchased the pdu library, Can i used the version 1.2 one without any limitation?


07:21 PM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Network Coverage Indicator Problem
May I know what's Barcode messaging? I hope you keep develope this library and be the greatest .NET SMS Library.


06:20 AM messagingtoolkit Support: +CMS Error 28
When i sending message i get the CMS Error: 28. May i know what does it means?

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