QR Lib Compilation Error in VS08



Has anybody compiled successfully QR Lib in VS08 ? I get a compilation error in the QRCodeEncoder class :

Error 6 'ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Properties.Resources' does not contain a definition for 'GetResource' C:\Documents and Settings\predrag\Desktop\QRCode\QRCode\QRCodeLib\QRCodeEncoder.cs 453 72 QRCodeLib

It seems to be a combatibility error.

Thank u in advance.



Are there some documentation about the .NET QRCode Library?



Decoding on WM5



I tested the QRCode application with several images, but it does not work under Windows Mobile(Sometimes it Works) , but on the PC version it works without any problems.
On Windows Mobile it gives me a message of "IndexOutOfRangeException".
And also , it takes more than 15s to decode a picture on WM, this is not the case with the PC version .

Any one have this problem, and how to solve it ?
I think that a C++ version will be faster on WM.......

Excuse me for my bad English :) , i speak French !

QRcode on VB .NET


Hi! I am trying to develop a decoding app with VB .NET, but when I try to add the reference to the DLL Visual Studio 2003 it says its not a valid COM component.
What I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Setting PDU mode


This may be of some help to someone trying to figure out the source code. In TestWaveComm.vb, you may wish to add: oGsmModem.ModemInitString = "AT+CMGF=0"
This will set the modem into PDU mode; which seems to be the necessary for when the NewMessageReceived event occurs when receiving a new SMS message.

I'm not sure how one could process this event if the modem is set in text mode, if anyone could advise on this?

Thank you for creating this control - great work! :)


Decoding Error on WM6


'QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'mscorlib.dll', No symbols loaded.
'QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'd:\my desktop\thoughtworks_qrcode_1.0.0_src\qrcode\qrcodewindowsmobile5.0\bin\debug\QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe', Symbols loaded.
'QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'System.Windows.Forms.dll', No symbols loaded.
'QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'System.dll', No symbols loaded.
'QRCodeWindowsMobile5.exe' (Managed): Loaded 'System.Drawing.dll', No symbols loaded.

Bluetooth issue


Can anyone plz let me know if i can use this application using a bluetooth usb adaptor at my laptop or do i need a serial port bluetooth adapter for my laptop


Able to browse SMS in memory and delete particular SMS



According to the features list of the SMS library, it is possible to browse, delete SMS which are in memory of the phone. Can you provide an example on how to do this?
I can't figure it out how to do it with the atSMS library, I tried with the MessageStore but no result.





I'm using GlobeTrotter Max for SMS sending. Everything is fine, but I can't detect automatically my card.
Is there some special functions or codes besides AutoDetect?

Marek - Poland

DeliveryReport tracking support in SMS Library



First of all want to say thank you for such a great tool for working with mobile phones,

In the last version there is no support (or maybe it is there, but i couldn't find it, so if it is please tell me how should i use it) of tracking whether SMS was delivered to reciepient or not. There is class named NewDeliveryReportArgs, it is probably arguments' class for event, which handles delivery of messages, but there is no handler with this class as parameter.

How it is possible to track down whether SMS was delivered or not? Should i try to do it by means of AT commands?

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