Brand Jewelries in Audrey Hepburn's Jewelry Box


There will never the last piece of jewelry in women's casket, for they could not resist the temptation of brilliant jewelry We never have a thirst for charm bracelets jewelries, to which is difficult for many girls to accustom. In respect that the personal taste and qualities will be revealed if the jewels are properly matched with the links of london friendship bracelets dresses. Jewels can always catch the eyes of women who can not resist the temptation of these shining ornaments. Nevertheless, not all women become more attractive after wearing jewels because of their face shapes and hair styles. The following tips will tell you the secret in choosing jewelry that are fit for you. Hope they may be of some use to you. The following tips are referred to you in the hope that they might be of some help in choosing and matching jewelries. When choosing jewelries, you should pay great attention to the complexion, dressing, temperament, age, occasion, profession, etc. in order to stand out them better. The basic rule is the shape of your jewels should be different from your face shape but couldn't be extremely opposite. As for square shape face, oval or oblong shaped links of london charm bracelet work best. They soften the jaw line, giving it more definition and shape. Hooped earrings are also an excellent choice. The traditional bun matched with drop earrings will give others an impression of elegance. The extremely fashionable jewels should be avoided. Jeans and jackets matched with rough and wild links of london bracelets will have a different taste - a unique sense of modernness. It is an excellent chance for you to display your style and taste when visiting your relatives and friends. Proper friendship bracelet will give others a feeling of comfort and friendliness. However, red and other dark color could not be more suitable for people with fair skins. It will look better for not very tall ladies to wear small and exquisite jewels than the large ones. Conversely, it seems that links of london chain with dark color and traditional designs are matched well with middle-aged and elderly people.

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