QR Code Mobile Encoding Issue


I am using QR Code library for mobile phone

When I open the solution file I am not able to load both the mobile projects and gets the following error

Error retrieving information from user database. Platform not found.

The project could not be opened becuase it refer to a device platform that doea bot exists in your datastore

I got rid of this error by changing the platform Id to

3C41C503-53EF-4c2a-8DD4-A8217CAD115E in both the .csproj files of mobile projects

Now the solution loads successfully

When I try the Encode with default settings,I get the error "IndexOutOfRangeException"

on line number 777 rsTemp[rsBlockNumber][j] = codewords[i2]; in class QRCodeEncoder.cs

Can any one help me how to get rid of this error, I whole work is struck because of this

Hoping for the quick reply

Saurabh Sondhi

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