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Open Source Media Player for Windows »

OgO Open Player is a multi-format media player for windows. It has been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 using the programming language and uses the libvlc library for media functions

ID3 tag support with album art
Windows Live Messenger I’m listening to
Lyrics fetch support
VideoChoice music video lookup
Application add-ons
Application Options
Enhanced Audio Control
Notification Area Remote with minimize [...]

Open Source C# Generic Collection Classes »

C5 is a library of generic collection classes for C# and other CLI languages and works with Microsoft .Net version 2.0 and later, and Mono version 1.2 and later.
C5 provides functionality and data structures not provided by the standard .Net System.Collections.Generic namespace, such as persistent tree data structures, heap based priority queues, hash indexed array [...]

C# NLP »

SharpNLP is a collection of natural language processing tools written in C#. Currently it provides the following NLP tools:

a sentence splitter
a tokenizer
a part-of-speech tagger
a chunker (used to “find non-recursive syntactic annotations such as noun phrase chunks”)
a parser
a name finder
a coreference tool
an interface to the WordNet lexical database

Open Source SVN Plug-In for Visual Studio »

AnkhSVN is a Subversion SourceControl Provider for Visual Studio. The software allows you to perform the most common version control operations directly from inside the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. With AnkhSVN you no longer need to leave your IDE to perform tasks like viewing the status of your source code, updating your Subversion working copy [...]

Open Source .NET XMPP Library »

jabber-net consists of set of .Net controls for sending and receiving Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), also known as the Jabber. Client connections, server component connections, presence, service discovery, and the like.
Drag a JabberClient control onto your design surface. Set a few properties, double-click on the OnMessage event. Call Connect(). You now have an [...]

Open Source .NET PDF Library »

PDF Clown Project is an open source implementation of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specification published by Adobe® Systems Inc., written as a class library in multiple languages (Java™ 1.5 and C# 2.0).
Java 1.5 version (PDF Jester) represents the reference implementation of PDF Clown Project.
C# 2.0 version (PDF Clown) was developed upon the Mono flavour [...]

Mobile Browser Definition FIle »

The Mobile Browser Definition File contains definitions for individual mobile devices and browsers. At run time, ASP.NET uses the information in the request header to determine what type of device/browser has made the request.This project provides a data file that when used with ASP.NET will detect the incoming mobile device and present you as the [...]

.NET: Detect String Encoding »

Here is a simple way to detect if your content is ASCII or Unicode

public void CheckForEncoding(string content)
int i = 0;
for (i = 1; i <= content.Length; [...]

Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial »

Free chapter from the ASP.NET MVC ebook on how to build a full fledge application.

Open Source .NET Digg Alternative »

KiGG is a Web 2.0 style social news web application developed in Microsoft supported technologies.
MS Tooling:

Linq To SQL
MS Patterns & Practices – Enterprise Library (Logging & Caching)
MS Patterns & Practices – Unity

Other Third party:
jQuery UI & Markitup

External Service Integration:

PageGlimpse, WebSnapr – For thumbnail generation.
Akismet, TypePad and Defensio. – Spam Protection.
OpenID & Id Selector
Url shrinking [...]


ASP.NET MVC enables you to build Model View Controller (MVC) applications by using the ASP.NET framework. ASP.NET MVC is an alternative, not a replacement, for ASP.NET Web Forms that offers the following benefits:

Clear separation of concerns
Testability – support for Test-Driven Development
Fine-grained control over HTML and JavaScript
Intuitive URLs

Recompile .NET Assembly to Javascript, Java, PHP »

jsc is a decompiler or a cross compiler if you will. It is not a source-code parser nor an IDE. It is a command line utility like any other compiler. jsc was originally an anagram for csharp to javascript.
The compiler extracts CIL from a .net assembly. It filters out the classes which are marked with [...]

Open Source C# Image Processing »

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools available in AForge.NET framework to analyze images.

Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, rotate, channel extraction, channel replacing, channel filtering, color filtering, Euclidean color filtering);
HSL filters (linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue modifier, HSL filtering);
YCbCr filters (linear correction, YCbCr filtering, [...]

Open Source C# Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence »

AForge.NET is a C# framework designed for developers and researchers in the fields of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence – image processing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, robotics, etc.
The framework is comprised by the set of libraries and sample applications, which demonstrate their features:

AForge.Imaging – library with image processing routines and filters;
AForge.Vision – computer [...]

Silverlight for Unix »

Moonlight is an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix systems.
It supports

SUSE Linux

Good Read: Detect .NET Memory Leak »

.NET Memory Leak: To dispose or not to dispose, that’s the 1 GB question

.NET String Enumeration »

Normally you cannot use string in enum. However you can bypass using a trick, as shown below.

/// <summary>
/// Response expected from the gateway
/// </summary>
public enum Response
/// <summary>
/// No respons expected, just return the result
/// </summary>

.NET: Open Source RSS Toolkit »

ASP.Net RSS Toolkit gives ASP.Net applications the ability to consume and publish to RSS feeds.
It can

Consuming feeds, using:

Stand-alone command line feed compiler that generates VB.Net or C# code files.
Build provider for .rssdl file (containing the list of feed URI(s) [including local files])
Build provider for .rss file (containing feed XML in RSS/Atom/RDF or OPML format)

Support for [...]

Power Commands for VS2008 »

PowerCommands  is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2008 adding additional functionality to various areas of the IDE.

Code Analysis on .NET »

Here are some useful to perform code analysis on .NET platform.
FxCop is an application that analyzes managed code assemblies (code that targets the .NET Framework common language runtime) and reports information about the assemblies, such as possible design, localization, performance, and security improvements. Many of the issues concern violations of the programming and design rules [...]