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Benchmarking for Android

The AndEBench™ benchmark provides a standardized, industry-accepted method of evaluating Android platform performance




  • Targets smartphones, portable gaming devices, set-top boxes, or anywhere Android is employed.
  • Compatible with development platforms and finished commercial devices
  • Free download in the Android market and at the Amazon Appstore for Android
  • Easy to run – just the push of a button

General Features

  • Initial focus on CPU and Dalvik interpreter performance
  • Internal algorithms concentrate on integer operations
  • Compares the difference between native and Java performance
  • Implements flexible multicore performance analysis
  • Results displayed in ‘Iterations per second’
  • Detailed log file for comprehensive engineering analysis

Advanced Features

  • Source code available for EEMBC members and licensees
  • Adjustable benchmark parameters support experimentation


  • The AndEBench™ produces two scores: AndEMark Native performance and AndeMark Java performance.
  • The scores are represented as iterations/sec, and the higher the score, the better.

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