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Android Web Server

PAW server is a web server for Android.

Server Features
  • HTTP Web Server
  • Host your own web pages
  • Create web pages with dynamic content
    and use the Android API
  • Proxy Server (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Automatic startup on boot

Web App Features

  • Shows syste information (like battery status etc.)
  • Call Log
  • SMS Inbox/Outbox
  • Send SMS
  • Dial a number
  • Browse Filesystem
  • Change background image

With PAW it is possible to write dynamic web pages which can use the functionality of your phone.
Have a look at the folder /sdcard/paw/html/app on your SD card.
Some of the HTML files contain Beanshell code (enclosed in <bsh></bsh> tags).

Here is an example how to retrieve information of the phone:

String[] opts = { "BOARD", "BRAND", "DISPLAY", "MODEL", "PRODUCT",

for(o : opts) {
 print(o + ":" + eval("android.os.Build." + o));

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