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Open Source SIP Client

Blink is a GUI for Mac, Windows and Linux built on top of SIP SIMPLE client SDK. Blink is written in Python, its PyObjC bindings of Cocoa for MacOSX and its PyQt4 binding of Qt for Windows and Linux.


  • Support for multiple SIP accounts
  • Detection of IP address changes
  • SIP account sign-up at
  • Bonjour discovery mechanism
  • Integration with MacOSX Address Book (MacOSX)
  • Integration with Google contacts (Windows and Linux)

Audio Sessions

  • Supported codecs: G722, Speex, G711, GSM and iLBC
  • Multiple parallel calls
  • Silent mode (do not ring on incoming call)
  • Mute microphone
  • Audio recording
  • Displays packet loss and round trip time
  • Displays selected audio codec and sampling rate
  • Control for input, output and alert audio devices
  • Detection for addition and removal of audio devices (MacOSX and Windows only)
  • Voicemail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)


.. and many more

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