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Open Source Framework for 3D Applications

PixelLight is an free open-source framework that allows you to create 3D
applications easily. As a cross-platform library it is designed to create
desktop applications for several platforms (Windows, Linux) . Due to it’s
modular design, it is suitable not only for games, but for any kind of 3D
applications like e.g. product presentations or simulations.

PixelLight is written in C++ and has been designed with flexibility and extensibility as one of it’s main goals. Therefore, it’s not only a 3D engine, but a consistent framework that allows you to combine all the components that you need for your application without having to care about the differences of the actual libraries, APIs or operating systems that you are using. The underlying systems and libraries are abstracted by a powerful reflection and component system, which makes it easier and more effective to create applications for different platforms and target components such as rendering, sound, physics, network, scripting and so on.


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