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Open Source XPDL Editor

JPEd is an XPDL 1 process editor based on the source code of JaWE community edition with additionnal features and changes that we believe could be of great interrest to both users and developpers.

Like JaWE, JPEd uses XPDL as it’s native file format, according to WfMC specifications. However, JPEd has the following changes over the JaWE community:

  • No annoying 30 seconds splash screen.
  • Do not lose layout during load/save operations, (JAWE community edition had those annoyance when we started this fork).
  • The Plugins interface allows you to write wizards, custom XPDL elements editors, custom tooltips, custom views. With it you can easily make jped company requirements.
  • Generate PDF reports of your workflow. Get a complete view of your workflow in a ready to print format. Plugins can be used also to customize PDF outputs.
  • A fully customizable interface, using properties file and system properties:
    • Restrict the availabe actions in interface or to extend them at glance, depending your target users.
    • Easily create a custom layout that is easier to manipulate for end-users.
    • Combined with a wizard plugin, you can prefill an XPDL or auto update it, letting user concentrate only on you core buisness.
  • Generate real vectorial (SVG) output of graph, including the Ids of activity, participants and transitions. (Zoom at any level with any SVG enabled tool or use it in a workflow engine web interface to highlight current status with just a simple svg stylesheet.)
  • Quick search dropdowns make it easy to handle long list of participants.
  • For shark users, an integrated form editor which also add additional informations in tooltips and PDF.
  • Also for shark users, an history related assignment manager. Easily create complex assignment conditions understandable by shark engine.
  • Substance look-and-feel plugin, provides a way to use skin files and provides a menu search to locate items in the editor menus.
  • See the XPDL fragment of each element you are editing, know exactly what you are doing at XPDL level in each dialog.
  • Condition editor, gives you a dropdown box to select workflow variables and provides syntax highlighting for scripted conditions.
  • Customize JPEd logo to fit your company need, provide a splash logo when editor is loading, using a simple System property.

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