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Talend Data Integration Solutions

Talend’s open source data integration solutions cover all data integration needs, for organizations of all sizes. The broad range of data integration needs addressed by the Talend solutions includes:

  • Operational data integration: in most organizations, operational data integration is addressed by implementing custom programs or routines, completed on-demand for a specific need. Data migration/loading and data synchronization/replication are the most common applications of operational data integration.
  • Data migration: when upgrading to a new version of a database or application, or when switching to a new system, data needs to be preserved in the new system. The purpose of data migration is to transfer existing data to the new environment. It needs to be transformed to a format suitable for the new system, while preserving the information present in the old. It is extremely important that you have a reliable data migration software. Learn more about how Talend’s solutions address data migration.
  • Data synchronization: many cases exist in the information system where data is managed separately by multiple applications or databases, yet needs to be kept consistent between these systems. The need for data synchronization can either be permanent (synchronization between operational systems), or temporary, for example during a migration. Data synchronization includes all the processes that maintain data in sync between the applications and databases. Learn more about how Talend’s solutions address data synchronization.
  • ETL for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) processes are the most critical – and value added – components of a Business Intelligence infrastructure. While mostly invisible to the user of the BI platform, ETL processes retrieve the data from all operational systems and pre-process it for the analysis and reporting tools. The accuracy and timeliness of the entire BI platform relies indeed on the ETL processes. Learn more about how Talend addresses ETL for BI and analytics.

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