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AGDoc Formatter: Yet Another Document Formatting Tool

AGDoc is a command line utility that compiles text files and produces documents. This is rather an indistinct definition, but it means the following.

  • Simple and intuitive source syntax.
  • Multiple output formats.
  • Configurable markup elements.
  • Automatic collecting and formatting of tables of contents.
  • Collecting of the index and automatic cross referencing within the project.
  • Automatic syntax highlighting of your source code.
  • Easy adaptation for 16- and 32-bit Unicode.

It also means that you will need to spend some time configuring the output formats and creating your own templates, but then you can put all your efforts into writing the text.

Generally speaking, it all looks like TEX, but in practice it is much simpler in use, much more compact, and of course, much less automated. Compared to TEX it’s just a tiny ant crowling beside an elephant. For example, the full installation of MiKTEX weighs about 250 megabytes, while AGDoc is only 310 kilobytes of source code in C++.

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