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Open Source Stock Market Analysis System

The Market Analysis System (MAS) is an open-source software application that provides tools for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis.

MAS provides facilities for stock charting and futures charting, including price, volume, and a wide range of technical analysis indicators. MAS also allows automated processing of market data — applying technical analysis indicators with user-selected criteria to market data to automatically generate trading signals — and can be used as the main component of a sophisticated trading system.

Some of the features of MAS are:

  • Includes basic technical analysis indicators, such as Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Stochastic, MACD, RSI, On Balance Volume, and Momentum.
  • Includes more advanced indicators, such as Standard Deviation, Slope of EMA of Volume, Slope of MACD Signal Line, Bollinger Bands, and Parabolic SAR.
  • User can create new technical analysis indicators, including complex indicators based on existing indicators.
  • User can configure criteria for automated trading-signal generation.
  • Creation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly data from daily data.
  • Handles intraday data.
  • Handles stock and futures data.
  • Accepts input data from files, from a database, or from the web. (Includes a configuration for obtaining end-of-day data from
  • Can be configured and run as a server that provides services for several clients at a time running on remote machines.

The current version of MAS runs on Intel machines, on both the Linux and Windows operating systems. Additionally, it has been ported to Sparc/Solaris, though it has not yet been officially released for that platform. MAS is free software (freeware).

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