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Open Source Digital Asset Management

Razuna is a software solution (some call it digital asset management, media asset management, digital library, media management, etc.) that delivers and makes management of your digital assets a simple task!

By using Razuna you get the benefit of it being free and open source and supported by a professional company.

With Razuna, your information can be collected, consolidated, verified, filtered, mined and always be available and secure. Razuna does all this while requiring less hardware and fewer administrators, for the lowest overall cost of ownership. A powerful solution like Razuna will achieve significant efficiency gains as well as consistency throughout the organization.

Since Razuna is based on open standards (J2EE/CFML/SQL/XML) you can rest assured that Razuna can scale with your business. For international organizations that hold already thousands of assets, Razuna can take up on your existing assets with powerful import and export tools.

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