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Open Source Atom Implementation

The goal of the Apache Abdera project is to build a functionally-complete, high-performance implementation of the IETF Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287) and Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) specifications.

Abdera is composed of a number of individual modules:

  • Core: Provides the core interfaces used throughout Abdera:
    • Feed Object Model – A set of Java interfaces and abstract classes modeled after the various document and element types defined by the Atom specifications.
    • Parser and Factory interfaces – Interfaces that provide the mechanisms for creating and consuming Atom documents.
    • ExtensionFactory – The primary means by which extensions to the Atom format are integrated into Abdera. Extension Factories are used by both the Parser and Factory.
    • Writer – The means by which Feed Object Model objects are serialized into XML or other formats
    • ParseFilter – Provides a means of filtering the stream of parse events
    • Converter – Base interfaces and utilities for converting objects into Feed Object Model objects
    • XPath – Base interface for navigating the Feed Object Model using XPath
  • Dependencies: Contains all of the other jars and code Abdera depends on
  • Parser: Provide an implementation of the Feed Object Model based on the Apache Axiom project
  • Protocol: Provides the base interfaces and utility classes used for the RFC 5023 (Atompub) implementation
  • Server: Provides framework code used to build Atompub servers
  • Client: Provides an Atompub client implementation that is based on the Apache Commons HTTP Client.
  • Spring: Extends the Server module by adding support for the Spring framework
  • Security: Provides support for XML Digital Signatures and XML Encryption
  • Extensions: Provides support for a number of standard and non-standard extensions to the Atom format
    • Atom Threading Extensions
    • Atom License Extension
    • Atompub Feature Discovery
    • Atom Bidi Attribute
    • Feed Paging and Archiving
    • GeoRSS
    • Simple Sharing Extensions
    • MediaRSS
    • OpenSearch
    • GData and WSSE Autbentication
  • Examples: Provides a number of examples

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