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Running a DLL Procedure Directly

To run a procedure in a DLL in simple. Just by using rundll32.exe <dll name>, <procedure name>, you can run the procedure. Procedure name is case sensitive.

E.g. to lock your computer, run “rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation”

You can also use strings from sysinternals to view the available procedures in the dll.

E.g. for user32.dll, some of the available procedures are

  • LoadKeyboardLayoutW
  • LoadLocalFonts
  • LoadMenuA
  • LoadMenuIndirectA
  • LoadMenuIndirectW
  • LoadMenuW
  • LoadRemoteFonts
  • LoadStringA
  • LoadStringW
  • LockSetForegroundWindow
  • LockWindowStation
  • LockWindowUpdate
  • LockWorkStation
  • LogicalToPhysicalPoint
  • LookupIconIdFromDirectory
  • LookupIconIdFromDirectoryEx
  • MB_GetString

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