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Remote Access for Windows Vista

There is no telnet for Windows Vista. Instead we have WinRM & WinRS. These are powerful new command line management tools give system administrators improved options for remote management and remote execution of programs on Windows machines.

Windows Remote Management (known as WinRM) is a handy new remote management service for Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008. WinRM is the “server” component of this remote management application and WinRS (Windows Remote Shell) is the “client” for WinRM, which runs on the remote computer attempting to remotely manage the WinRM server. However, I should note that BOTH computers must have WinRM installed and enabled on them for WinRS to work and retrieve information from the remote system.

WinRM is based on the Web Services for Management (WS-Management) standards. What that means is that WinRM uses the HTTP protocol (port 80) and SOAP requests to do its job. The good thing about that is that HTTP request are easy to send and receive through a firewall. And, consequently, the good and bad of that is that it will make it easier to remotely manage someone else’s Windows PC over the Internet OR it makes it easier for a malicious attacker to remotely attack Windows PCs over the Internet. The other benefit to WinRM using HTTP is that no additional ports would have to be opened up on server & client firewalls if HTTP inbound was already permitted.

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