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Open Source Church Software

Datasoul  is an open source presentation software to display lyrics and text in churches services.


Datasoul keeps lyrics and display format independently. This means that when you want to change the font format or the background image, you don’t need to change tons of files. Take a look on how easy it is in Datasoul.

Beside the lyrics, Datasoul can also hold the chords for the songs. In this way, once you have selected the songs to next service you can easily retrieve the chords for that songs to print or send to the musicians.

In most churches, usually you need to display some announcements during the services. It’s a baby crying on the nursery or a car wrongly parked, something always happen. Know how Datasoul handles this situations.

Several churches use video cameras to record or transmit live images form the service. Datasoul can integrate in these systems and provide an effective solution for displaying lyrics.

Do you have all your songs in EasyWorship? There is an import tool available that converts it into Datasoul format. Once imported, you can also take your database to another operational system such as Linux or MacOS.

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