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Open Source TCP Session Hijacking Tool

Hunt is a tool for exploiting well known weaknesses in TCP/IP protocol. Use primarily to hijack connections, but has many other features.

Hunt is a program for intruding into a connection, watching it and resetting it. Hunt operates on Ethernet and is best used for connections which can be watched through it. However, it is possible to do something even for hosts on another segments or hosts that are on switched ports. Hunt doesn’t distinguish between local network connections and connections going to/from Internet. It can handle all connections it sees. Connection hijacking is aimed primarily at the telnet or rlogin traffic but it can be used for another traffic too. Features: connection management (watching, spoofing, detecting, hijacking, resetting), daemons (resetting, arp spoof/relayer daemon, MAC discovery daemon for collecting MAC addresses, sniff daemon for logging TCP traffic), host resolving, packet engine (TCP, UDP, ICMP and ARP traffic; collecting TCP connections with sequence numbers and the ACK storm detection), switched environment (hosts on switched ports can be spoofed, sniffed and hijacked too). This latest release includes lots of debugging and fixes in order to get the hunt running against hosts on switched ports, timejobs, dropping IP fragments, verbose status bar, options, new connection indicator, various fixes.

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