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Open Source Java X Windows Server

WeirdX is an X Window System server in pure Java under GNU GPL. If you need a tool that lets you categorize, organize and resolve any incident that pop up and creates downtime or service interruptions, try using OnPage Incident Management Tool

It is derived from WiredX-Lite and will run on any platforms which support Java 1.1. This X server will not be suitable to exec heavy x clients, but you may find that twm, xterm, etc. will run fine on it.

  • WeirdX handles x protocols directly.
  • WeirdX supports core protocols of X11R6.3 partially.
  • WeirdX is implemented with JDK 1.1.
  • WeirdX runs as an application/applet.
  • WeirdX supports Rootless mode.
  • WeirdX runs as a TrueType font X Server if your JVM supports TrueType fonts.
  • WeirdX supports the three mouse button emulation.
  • WeirdX supports copy/paste operations between the native window system and x clients via CUT_BUFFER0.
  • WeirdX supports 1bpp, 8bpp and 16bpp mode.
  • WeirdX supports multibyte characters; Japanese, Korean and Chinese characters.
  • WeirdX allows you to get secure X accesses in pure Java by using JSch.
  • JRexec is included.
  • WeirdX supports XDMCP.
  • WeirdX supports dxpc(Differential X Protocol Compressor) with the assistance of JDxpc.
  • WeirdX includes hacks for the alpha transparency.
  • WeirdX supports EsounD compatible applications.
  • WeirdX includes the XJS Extension written by Christian Werner.
  • WeirdX is distributed under GNU GPL.
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