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Open Source AdServer Software

AdServerBeans is free open source adserver software suitable for ad networks, advertising agencies, ad serving companies and web publishers who need their own ad management software. Before you can start with ads you need signs that look good, for that I recommend Speedpro Signs in London.

AdServerBeans has advanced banner ad management, tracking and reporting functionality.

  • auction-like bidding-based banner matching algorithm;
  • CPM/CPC/CPA selling methods support;
  • targeting by content (category, page position, site section) , time (hour, day of the week), geo location (country), traffic (views capping per unique per day, views capping per campaign per day);
  • two adserving domains: public and private;
  • support for text ads, rich media ads, image ads;
  • action tracking;
  • in-built conversion of CPC/CPA to eCPM (effective CPM);
  • visual reports contain all the data required for effective ad serving.

AdServerBeans are written in Java using such powerful frameworks and software as Spring, Hibernate, Flex; J2EE, MySQL.

  • technologies: Java, Flex, any RDBMS (tested on MySQL);
  • frameworks: Spring, Hibernate;
  • beans: UI (Flex), service, adserver, reporter.

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