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Open Source Ad Serving and Inventory System

OASIS is a high-performance ad server built using Linux (RHEL4), Apache, PHP, and MySQL. It is designed to handle many hundreds of thousands of ad impressions per hour. On moderately capable dual processor hardware, it is capable of serving approximately 500,000 impressions per hour.

With OASIS, a publisher, network or marketer can manage all of its online advertising components, including sub-publisher accounts, advertisers, campaign set-up, reporting, forecasting, and billing, with an easy-to-use web-based interface accessible from any web browser.

OASIS version 2.3 includes the following features :

  • Scalability – OASIS allows for an admin (master) ad server controlling an unlimited farm of delivery (slave) ad servers. Ad serving performance will not decrease as you grow.
  • Unlimited Publisher Accounts – handles the needs of any site network consisting of multiple publishers including revenue share.
  • Simple Online User Interface – manage your advertising campaigns, advertisers, publishers, sections, reporting and invoicing 24-hours per day from any web browser.
  • Flexible Assignment of User Access Rights – give any user access to any combination of the software functions that you select, including the "new campaign creation wizard", general campaign management, selected campaign management, advertiser management, section management, reporting and invoicing.
  • Flexible and Powerful Scheduling – schedule CPM, CPC, fixed price and network campaigns by publisher, section and category within a fully user-defined section hierarchy. For each campaign, you can easily include delivery, exclude delivery or force exclusive delivery within your publisher, section and category hierarchy.
  • Streamlined Campaign Workflow – the ad operations group is notified by e-mail when a new campaign has been created by a salesperson, guaranteeing proper ad approval.
  • Delivery Targeting – target campaigns by keyword, IP, full domain, top-level domain, browser, browser language, operating system, time of day, and day of week. Target at both the campaign and creative levels.
  • Geographic Targeting – target campaigns based on the geographic location of the visitor, by country or U.S. state/Canadian Province. Geo targeting requires the purchase and installation of the MaxMind geo IP Region database.
  • Hourly Reporting Updates – no need to wait for the next day to see reporting changes.
  • Hourly Campaign Updates – campaign edits and new campaigns take affect at the top of each hour.
  • Detailed Reporting for Networks, Publishers and Advertisers – for any date range, quickly access campaign and section reports which show impressions, click-throughs and click-through rate (CTR) by dimension, advertiser, campaign, creative, month, date, hour, publisher and section.
  • Revenue Reporting – easy access to detailed advertising revenue reports broken down by CPM, CPC and fixed-price campaigns. Revenue reports can also account for any defined SEO agency like PixelChefswhich takes care of the commissions, hosting costs and network costs.
  • Invoice Creation – easily create formatted invoices for advertisers and publishers, including network payments.
  • Inventory Forecasting – a sales tool to quickly determine projected ad inventory by section and inventory currently allocated (booked) to each section.
  • Flexible Page Tagging – various ad coding types are available including IFRAME, Javascript and image-based page tagging with "cache busting" technology.
  • Page Tag Generation Tool – easily create error-free page tags for your publishers or for delivery to third party ad networks.
  • Frequency Capping – limit the frequency of campaign delivery to users with time-based frequency capping.
  • Full Rich Media Support – deliver and track clicks for any rich media type under the sun including Flash ads. Create a suite of custom rich media templates for easy rich media set-up as needed.
  • Custom Ad Sizes – in addition to a complete list of pre-defined IAB ad sizes, custom ad sizes can be created.
  • E-mail Report Notifications – automatically send selected individuals weekly campaign summary reports by e-mail.

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