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Java: Predicate in Commons Collection »

Predicate in Commons Collection is very useful for logic evaluation. The available predicates should fulfills most of your logic requirements, or you can even write your own custom predicate. AllPredicate AndPredicate AnyPredicate EqualPredicate ExceptionPredicate FalsePredicate IdentityPredicate InstanceofPredicate NonePredicate NotNullPredicate NotPredicate NullIsExceptionPredicate NullIsFalsePredicate NullIsTruePredicate NullPredicate OnePredicate OrPredicate TransformedPredicate TransformerPredicate, TruePredicate UniquePredicate You can combine predicates together […]

SpringSource Tool Suite »

SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) provides the best Eclipse-powered development environment for building Spring-powered enterprise applications. SpringSource Tool Suite provides the best and most complete set of tools for creating Spring applications that run on the major application server platforms such as Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, SpringSource tc Server and SpringSource dm Server. […]

Interactive Compilation Interface »

The Interactive Compilation Interface (or ‘ICI’ for short) is a plugin system with a high-level compiler-independent and low-level compiler-dependent API to transform current compilers into collaborative open modular interactive toolsets. The ICI framework acts as a “middleware” interface between the compiler and the user-definable plugins. It opens up and reuses the production-quality compiler infrastructure to […]

Plugin Framework for C »

The Plugin project provides a framework for implementing plugins in C. The plugin system is inspired by the plugin system which is the core of the Eclipse IDE but there are some significant differences due to the different languages of implementation. One of the major goals of this project is to allow GCC to be […]

Compiler for Machine Learning for Embedded Programs Optimisation »

The MILEPOST project aims to develop compiler technology that can automatically learn how to best optimise programs for re-configurable heterogeneous embedded processors. If successful we will be able to dramatically reduce the time to market of re-configurable systems. Rather than developing a specialised compiler by hand for each configuration, our project will produce optimising compilers […]