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Open Source Cloud Web Application Server »

GroundOS looks like a interesting. GroundOS is a cloud “Application” in and of itself. The GroundOS “Application” is an application which gives you an easy to use environment to install and work with other cloud “Applications.” This, combined with the GroundOS PHP/Ajax framework, form a cloud “Platform.” The “Client”, “Infrastructure”, “Service”, and “Storage” cloud components [...]

Orace: Analyze versus DBMS_STATS »

It is clearly documented in Oracle documentation that DBMS_STATS should be used. Do not use the COMPUTE and ESTIMATE clauses of ANALYZE to collect optimizer statistics. These clauses are supported for backward compatibility. Instead, use the DBMS_STATS package, which lets you collect statistics in parallel, collect global statistics for partitioned objects, and fine tune your [...]

Free EBook: Linux Starter Pack »

This is a beginner guide to using Linux Download Link

Code Snippet Plugin for Windows Live Writer »

PreCode Code Snippet plugin is a code snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer with support for Syntaxhighlighter as well as good support for snippet indentation. It includes a standalone Windows desktop application so that you can paste formatted code snippets into other applications as well.

JavaScript Code Syntax Highlighter »

SyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter developed in JavaScript.

Windows: A Handy Image Resizer »

Prish Image Resizer is a handy utility for image resizing.

Open Source .NET PDF Library »

PDF Clown Project is an open source implementation of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specification published by Adobe® Systems Inc., written as a class library in multiple languages (Java™ 1.5 and C# 2.0). Java 1.5 version (PDF Jester) represents the reference implementation of PDF Clown Project. C# 2.0 version (PDF Clown) was developed upon the [...]