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Open Source Linux Firewall

IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution geared towards home and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) users. The IPCop interface is very user-friendly and task-based. IPCop offers the critical functionality of an expensive network appliance using stock, or even obsolete, hardware and Open Source Software.

IPCop lets you take an old PC and convert it into an appliance that will.

  1. Secure your home network from the internet.
  2. Improve the performance of web browsers (by keeping frequently used information)

All this functionality can be managed from a simple to use web interface, even updates and patches can be installed using a web browser.

Remember IPCop works with most home networks and small office networks, dial up modems, cable modems, ADSL, Leased lines and ISDN. It also lets several PCs share connections to the internet. If you have an always on connection to can even use IPCop to protect your web and email servers. IPCop also has remote management meaning you can securely update and reconfigure your IPCop firewall from anywhere with an internet connection!

IPCop Firewall basically sits “in between” your Internet connection (dial-up modem, cable-modem, DSL, etc) and works directs traffic using a set of rules for the TCP/IP traffic that underlies all Internet activities. The default rules, ideal for most users, are essentially simple in nature. They allow you to “surf” to the outside world and visit web-sites, FTP, email and so forth. And as you go about your tasks on the Internet, IPCop allows return traffic from those tasks, that you requested, to pass through. If, however, some random TCP/IP traffic comes in, requesting information from your computer, and that traffic is not in response to your requests, IPCop Firewall refuses to respond, and logs that attempt. Thus, you are allowed to go about your normal business, but when the bad guys try to come after you, they are stopped cold, because they are not responding to your requests. Think of IPCop Firewall as your friendly traffic cop down on the corner, making sure that things travel smoothly, and enforcing good rules on your Internet traffic.

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