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Java Neural Network Framework

Joone is a Java framework to build and run AI applications based on neural networks.

Joone consists of a modular architecture based on linkable components that can be extended to build new learning algorithms and neural networks architectures. All the components have specific features, like persistence, multithreading, serialization and parameterisation that guarantee scalability, reliability and expansibility, all mandatory features to make Joone suitable for commercial applications and to reach the final goal to represent the future standard of the AI world.

Joone applications are built out of components. Components are pluggable, reusable, and persistent code modules. Components are written by developers. AI experts and designers can build applications by gluing together components with a graphical editor, and controlling the logic with scripts.

All the modules and applications written with Joone will be based on the above reusable components. Joone can be used to build Custom Systems, adopted in an Embedded manner to enhance an existing application, or employed to build applications on Mobile Systems.

Joone has an own GUI Editor to visually create and test any neural network, and a Distributed Training Environment to train in parallel mode many neural networks to find the fittest one for a given problem.

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