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.NET: Open Source RSS Toolkit

ASP.Net RSS Toolkit gives ASP.Net applications the ability to consume and publish to RSS feeds.

It can

  • Consuming feeds, using:
    • Stand-alone command line feed compiler that generates VB.Net or C# code files.
    • Build provider for .rssdl file (containing the list of feed URI(s) [including local files])
    • Build provider for .rss file (containing feed XML in RSS/Atom/RDF or OPML format)
  • Support for generation of feeds in ASP.NET application including:
    • RSS HTTP handler (strongly typed HTTP handlers are generated automatically by the build providers) to generate the feed.
    • RSS Hyper Link control (that can point to RSS HTTP handler) to create RSS links
    • Optional secure encoding of user name into query string to allow generation of personalized feeds
  • Set of classes for programmatic consumption and generation of RSS feed in a late-bound way, without using strongly types generated classes

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