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Java Toolkit for Subversion

SVNKit is a pure Java toolkit – it implements all Subversion features and provides APIs to work with Subversion working copies, access and manipulate Subversion repositories – everything within your Java application.


  • Repository access over http(s), svn, svn(+ssh) and file protocols.
  • Working copy operations – all are supported.
  • Repository administration: create, load, dump and replay operations.
  • Additionally to its own API, SVNKit implements JavaHL API.
  • SVNKit is reported to work on Windows, OSX, Linux, BSD and OpenVMS.
  • SVNKit does not require native binaries, it works out of the box.
  • Native Subversion configuration files are used by default.
  • Java Subversion command line client is part of SVNKit.
  • Latest SVNKit supports Subversion 1.5.2.

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