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Java: Open Source SSO

JOSSO, or Java Open Single Sign-On, is an open source J2EE and Spring-based SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized, platform neutral, user authentication and authorization.

Main Features

  • J2EE and Spring Transparent Single Sign-On cross domain/cross organization.
  • Pluggable Framework to allow the implementation of custom identity components using Spring or built-in IoC container.
  • “5 minutes” on-the-fly set-up and deployment through custom “enhancement” console
  • Runs in Apache Tomcat.
  • Runs in JBoss application server.
  • Runs in BEA WebLogic 9 and WebLogic 10 application server
  • Runs in Apache Geronimo application server
  • Native Apache Httpd 2.x support thus enabling transparent SSO with PHP, Python, Perl, etc. applications
  • Integrates with Spring Security for enabling fine-grained authorization.
  • Provides Identity information to Web applications and EJBs through the standard Servlet and EJB Security API respectively.
  • Supports Strong Authentication using X.509 client certificates.
  • Windows Authentication
  • LDAP support for storing user information and credentials.
  • Database support for storing user information and credentials.
  • “Remember Me” support
  • Password recovery support
  • Client API for PHP. This allows to build SSO-enabled PHP applications.
  • Client API for Microsoft ASP. This allows to build SSO-enabled ASP applications.
  • Out-of-the-box branding support
  • Compatibility with Apache Pluto Portlet Container
  • Standard Based: JAAS, Web Services/SOAP, EJB, Struts, Servlet/JSP,J2EE.
  • 100% Java

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