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Buildr: Another Java Build System

Buildr is a build system for Java applications.



  • A simple way to specify projects, and build large projects out of smaller sub-projects.
  • Pre-canned tasks that require the least amount of configuration, keeping the build script DRY and simple.
  • Compiling, copying and filtering resources, JUnit/TestNG test cases, APT source code generation, Javadoc and more.
  • A dependency mechanism that only builds what has changed since the last release.
  • A drop-in replacement for Maven 2.0, Buildr uses the same file layout, artifact specifications, local and remote repositories.
  • All your Ant tasks belong to us! Anything you can do with Ant, you can do with Buildr.
  • No overhead for building “plugins” or configuration. Just write new tasks or functions.
  • Buildr is Ruby all the way down. No one-off task is too demanding when you write code using variables, functions and objects.
  • Simple way to upgrade to new versions.
  • Did we mention fast?

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