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Open Source Mobility Server

Volantis Mobility Server™ is a java-based development and runtime platform, allowing web developers to build and run their own mobile Internet applications across over 5,800 devices.  

Volantis Mobility Server is designed to reduce the complexity of managing mobile content, so that developers and content owners can more easily create innovative content and services and users can use the device of their choice to access it.


VMS includes connectors that integrate with a variety of dynamic content sources and Web 2.0 Internet services. Developers specify the connectors in their mobile sites by using simple XML markup tags, reducing the reliance on Java™ programming, automatically ingesting, transforming, bundling and optimizing content across all mobile devices. Standard connectors can be combined to build “mash-up” mobile applications, integrating content from websites, databases, web services, XML documents and popular Web 2.0 services from online applications including Picasa®, Flickr® and Google Docs™.

t includes the Volantis Multi-Channel Server (MCS), Volantis Message Preparation Server (MPS) and Volantis Media Access Proxy (MAP), as well as a significant proportion of the Volantis Device Database and Volantis’ Eclipse-based developer tools.

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