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Open Source Silverlight and WPF Charting Components

Visifire is a set of open source data visualization components – powered by Microsoft® Silverlight & WPF. Visifire is a multi-targeting control which can be used in both WPF & Silverlight applications. Using the same API, charts in both Silverlight & WPF environments can be created within minutes. Visifire can also be embedded in any webpage as a standalone Silverlight App. Visifire is independent of server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML.

  • Visually Stunning Animated Charts
    • Creates cool Silverlight™ & WPF Charts within minutes.
  • Single API for both Silverlight™ & WPF
    • Visifire is multi-targeting control.
    • Knowing a single API will suffice to draw charts in both Silverlight™ & WPF.
  • Embed into Desktop or Web Applications
    • Visifire can be used in Desktop Applications(WPF) as well as in Web Applications(Silverlight™ or WPF Browser Apps).
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Expression® Blend™
    • All Visifire charts are editable in Blend™. Hence, users are free to design charts of their choice with adeptness of Blend™.
  • Real time Charts / Live Update
    • All properties of Visifire Charts can be updated in real time using Managed Code or Javascript.
  • Dual License – Open Source & Commercial
    • Open Source ensures that everyone has free access to the source code.
    • Commercial License enables one to embed “Industrial Strength Community Tested Code” into commercial applications.
    • Commercial Licenses are perpetual. Perpetual licensing model eliminates the need for periodic renewals.
  • Independent of server side technology
    • Visifire can be used with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Coldfusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML.
  • Power Features
    • Supports Interactivity
    • Has Elegant Animations
    • Scrollable Charts
    • Supports Global Styles
  • Supports Wide Range of Charts
    • Column Charts
    • Line Charts
    • Area Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Area Charts
    • Doughnut Charts
    • Stacked Charts
    • Bubble Charts
    • Scatter Charts
    • Combination Charts

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  1. yangchao | Jul 7, 2009 | Reply

    How to get it?

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