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Multiple Purpose Windows Launcher

Executor is a multi purpose launcher and more advanced and customizable freeware windows run replacement.


  • Keywords have properties like shortcuts, and you can for example drag-drop a shortcut/file/folder/favorite to add it as a keyword.
  • Auto-completion for keywords, file system and history (can also be configured).
  • Url detection, Enter URLs directly (like,, or
  • Keywords support parameters. Example “google latest executor” “wiki nirvana”.
  • Besides keywords Executor can also optionally and dynamically add matching start-menu items, control panel items and other handy items to the drop-down/list.
  • Ability to add your own paths to scan for user defined file extensions.
  • Keyword “find [text]” for using Windows Instant Search (Vista) feature or Windows Desktop Search (WDS for XP etc.).
  • Can add keyword integration with popular services like GMail, Twitter, GCal, RTM and many others (see forums for howto’s, tutorials and tips).
  • Optional show icon for current keyword/input.
  • Optional show drop-down box for current keyword/input (auto-completion).
  • Optional drop-down box can be set to auto-open (like windows run) displaying auto-completion suggestions.
  • Optional Vista like list displaying matching items.
  • Layout can be customized. Set colors, font, dimensions, position, transparency and more.
  • Skinable. Supporting alpha blending effects and free positioning of all elements.
  • Each keyword can be assigned a hotkey, so Executor can also perform like many popular hotkey managers.
  • Many settings to customize the program as you like.
  • Can be launched from an user defined hotkey.
  • One keyword or text input can start multiple keywords/urls/programs/documents/files etc. Example one keyword opens three websites and/or programs.
  • Each keyword have properties like optional group (to organize into groups), customizable icon and other properties.
  • A number of special commands (like for example pause and replace tag with parameter).
  • Optional windows context-menu integration (as another way of easily adding new keywords).
  • Optional show title for the current input.
  • Can import keywords from windows start-menu.
  • All file-paths can be auto-completed (also when file-path is a parameter).
  • Keywords to manipulate the current active window (center, resize to specific size, maximize width or height etc).
  • Special keywords to list (and open) running applications, text previously copied to clipboard and recent documents.
  • Many special keywords like for example lock computer, restart, shutdown, standby, turn off monitor, mute sound, show date/time/week number etc.
  • Shortcut keys for faster navigation.
  • Integrated calculator.
  • Import/Export keywords.
  • Option to override windows run hotkey (Win-R).
  • Optional sounds.
  • Integrated Windows context-menu (for example when right-clicking list items).
  • At startup a number of keywords/commands optionally be launched.
  • Several hidden experimental/minor settings to play with (Example show time/date/other stuff when idle).

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  1. Alex Ferri | Dec 2, 2008 | Reply

    SuperLauncher is the best! I have tested most Windows launchers and I even like some but the problem with all launchers is that either they make it difficult to input new shortcuts or they go ahead and index my entire PC. The indexers do not support hotkeys, and the ones that do support hotkeys make me type in URLS, or browse my PC in order to add new shortcuts.
    With SuperLauncher I drag and drop what I realize is becoming repetitive. I simply drag, drop, and either assign a hotkey or list it on the one-click popup menu. Plus I can group shortcuts which means I can open two folders for backup reasons, or I can open all the files that I need to complete a step-by-step procedure, all with one keystroke.
    I guess I really love it because of the drag & drop. It is just simple like software should be. Overall it allows me to work fast, and I mean really fast.

    I totally recommend it. You can find SuperLauncher at:


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