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Log File Monitoring Tools

Here are some alternatives or platform port for the Unix tail utility


BareTail is a Log File Monitoring tool that you can leave running all the time and it will refresh file changes without ever locking the log files. It has a tab for every log file you would like to monitor and it can be set up for files that don’t yet exist; it will start monitoring the file once it is created. Combined with Launchy, it becomes very handy to monitor log files.



Tail XP

Tail XP  has multiple types of monitor , including : eventlog , syslog , file monitor and more.



logview4net is a log viewer/log monitor for data created by various sources. It can listen to UDP, tail a file, tail a SQL table, monitor the eventlog and watch RSS and Atom feeds. It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


Swatch started out as the “simple watchdog” for activly monitoring log files produced by UNIX’s syslog facility. It has since been evolving into a utility that can monitor just about any type of log.


Logfmon monitors a set of log files and processes messages based on a set of regexps. When a message matches, a command may be executed or the message may be ignored. Messages that are unmatched are batched together and emailed every so often.


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