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Source Code License Tool

License Tool is a utility tool that helps in analyzing the copyright headers in your sources.

Its often a common problem when a new file is added into source repository, one may miss out to add the copyright header. Also Often one may need to update the copyright headers with a different one due to change in licensing terms or change just years portion of the copyright. Some times you need to apply these rules on conditions(ex: different files use different license headers, incase of Open JDK, all source files use GPL V2 with Classpath Exception, whereas files related to documentaion use plain GPL V2). Although this can be done using some simple scripts, this is often error prone.

Would n’t it be convenient, if it lets you do some intelligent analysis of the copyright headers in all your sources as well. That’s what this License tool attempts to do.

Tool Features:

  • Check if all the sources adhere to common licensing terms
  • Ability to correct the incorrect usage of license headers.
  • Handle copyright headers in various file formats. (ex: Java , properties, html files, xml files etc.)
  • Pluggable rules to do intelligent  processing of the license headers(ex: to find out if there is some third party licensed code in your sources)
  • Ability to check multiple occurences of the license headers.

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