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Java: Open Source REST Framework »

Developing a RESTful web application in Java is always not as easy compared with PHP. There are a number of REST frameworks for Java that you may want to use to develop REST web application. Restlet is a lightweight REST framework for Java, which features, Core REST concepts have equivalent Java classes (UniformInterface, Resource, Representation, […]

Run Non-Unicode Applications on Unicode (UTF-16) based Windows XP »

Need to run legacy (code-page based) applications on your Windows XP or Server 2003, but don’t want to change the system locale? Here’s a new utility that saves you a reboot: introducing the Microsoft AppLocale utility! The Microsoft AppLocale (or Application Locale) utility is a temporary solution to these limitations caused by non-Unicode applications running […]

Open Source Distributed Database System »

Mnesia is a distributed Database Management System, appropriate for telecommunications applications and other Erlang applications which require continuous operation and soft real-time properties. It is one section of the Open Telecom Platform (OTP), which is a control system platform for building telecommunications applications. From the documentation, The management of data in telecommunications system has many […]

Java: Distributed Transactions Across Different Databases »

Sometimes I need to have transactional control across different databases. The problem is that my Java application is standalone without an application server like JBoss, GlassFish, etc. To have transaction control across different databases, the database must support distributed transactions (XA compliant). Also I need to have a distributed transaction manager in this case. Here […]

Open Source Remote Access (Telnet, SSH, RDP) Clients »

In my daily work I always needs to have remote access, either telnet, ssh or rdp to Unix or Windows based machines. I have used various open source remote access clients and here are them. Among the open source remote access software, putty is definitely one of my favorites.  Using it together with Putty Connection […]

Open Source Workflow Engine from Apache »

2 open source workflow engines from Apache which are either in incubation or sandbox Apache Workflow – XML scripted workflow engine Apache Agila – lightweight BPM engine and auxiliary services.

Java: Check Class Version »

Here is a simple piece of code to check your Java class version, whether is it is compiled with JDK 4, JDK 5 or JDK 6, etc… 1: try { 2: String filename = “C:\\MyClass.class”; 3: DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream 4: (new FileInputStream(filename)); 5:  6: int magic = in.readInt(); 7: if (magic != 0xcafebabe) […]

Open Source Distributed Filesystem »

MogileFS is an open source distributed filesystem. As quoted from its website, its properties and features include: Application level — no special kernel modules required. No single point of failure — all three components of a MogileFS setup (storage nodes, trackers, and the tracker’s database(s)) can be run on multiple machines, so there’s no single […]

Free E-Book: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 »

Learn about major new features in SQL Server 2008 including security, administration, and performance. Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Chapter 1: Security and Administration Chapter 2: Performance Chapter 3: Type System Chapter 4: ProgrammabilityChapter 5: Storage Chapter 6: Enhancements for High Availability Chapter 7: Business Intelligence Enhancements Publisher: Microsoft Press Download:

Solar System Modeling »

The Solar Model is realtime modeling of solar system. It allows user to navigate in space, to control time counting (speed-up time flow) and estimate real movement of space bodies like planets, dwarf planets and moons; estimate its nowadays positions in space. You may select two possible views: Solar System view or Milky Way galaxy […]

Organize Muzic with MediaMonkey »

Manage a music library from 100 to 50,000+ audio files and playlists*; whether Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, or Podcasts; whether they’re located on your hard drive, CDs, or a network. Organize, browse, or search music by Genre, Artist, Year, Rating, etc., and never waste your time trying to find mp3s you know you have. MediaMonkey is […]

Open Source GIS »

GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS is currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world, as well as by many governmental agencies and environmental consulting companies. GRASS is official project of […]

Windows: Manage Your Desktop with Ease »

GridMove is a program that aims at making windows management easier. It helps you with this task by defining a visual grid on your desktop, to which you can easily snap windows. This program comes bundled with some predefined grid templates, that can be easily swaped, but also has ways of creating custom grids or […]

Optimized AMP Stack for Solaris and Linux »

Sun Web Stack (previously called Cool Stack) provides developers and systems administrators with a superior LAMP and SAMP stack for building and deploying Web services and applications. Using Sun’s optimized Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python stack with Solaris or OpenSolaris (SAMP), or Linux (LAMP), AMP-based web sites can easily be developed, tested, and deployed. The following […]

Eclipse Memory Analyzer »

The Eclipse Memory Analyzer is a fast and feature-rich Java heap analyzer that helps you find memory leaks and reduce memory consumption. The Memory Analyzer was developed to analyze productive heap dumps with hundreds of millions of objects. Once the heap dump is parsed, you can re-open it instantly, immediately get the retained size of […]

Windows: Open Source X Window Server »

Xming is the leading free unlimited X Window Server for Microsoft Windows (XP/2003/Vista). It is fully featured, light and fast, simple to install and because it is standalone native Microsoft Windows, easily transported portable as a Pocket PC X server. It is totally secure when used with SSH and optionally includes an enhanced PuTTY Link […]

Java: Coding Guidelines »

Here are some simple guidelines I followed for one of the system that I refactored. Always Program Using the Interface E.g. 1: Map<String,String> obj = new HashMap<String,String> 2:  3: List<String,String obj> = new ArrayList<String,String>   Prefer HashMap over Hashtable, ArrayList over Vector, StringBuilder over StringBuffer If you really need synchronized access, e.g. for Map, use […]

Windows: Tabbify Your Applications »

WinTabber can add tabs to many windows. A tabbed browser ,tabbed putty , tabbed terminal or tabbed shell, tabbed anything. Multi tab your windows in seconds. A terminal or shell with tabs work faster and efficiently! Having multiple windows as tabs will give a better overview of your windows than before. Also having multiple ssh […]

Open Source Robotics »

Personal Robotics program is a collaboration between Willow Garage, Stanford University, and other academics institutions to create an open-source codebase and freely available hardware platform for mobile manipulation. The vision is that hardware and software platform for Personal Robotics – robots that do tasks for humans in human environments – will enable breakthrough robotics applications, […]

Vi Enabled Firefox »

Vimperator is a free browser add-on for Firefox, which makes it look and behave like the Vim text editor. It has similar key bindings, and you could call it a modal web browser, as key bindings differ according to which mode you are in. Vim-like keybindings (h,j,k,l,gg,G,0,$,ZZ,<C-f>,etc.) Ex commands (:quit, :open, …) Tab completion […]