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Java: OSGi Enterprise Distribution

The goal of ModuleFusion is to help programmers to use the OSGi Service Platform as their underlying runtime environment. ModuleFusion contains a full stack typical for Java enterprise applications. This stack currently consists of best-of-breed open source frameworks from the Java ecosystem. Additionally, ModuleFusion contains the necessary glue code to easily use these frameworks within OSGi.

The most important principle of ModuleFusion is to base every integration, glue code and additional functionality on pure OSGi constructs. Therefore, ModuleFusion does not rely on proprietary features offered by some OSGi framework implementations.

Content of ModuleFusion

  • OSGi Service Platform
    • OSGi Framework (Equinox or Felix)
    • Configuration Admin
    • User Admin
  • Frameworks
    • Google Guice IoC framework
    • Apache Wicket
    • Hibernate
    • Hibernate JPA frontend
    • Jetty web server
    • HSQLDB database
    • PAX web + extender bundle
  • ModuleFusion
    • DirInstaller (install/update/remove bundles and configurations)
    • JPA integration
    • Apache Wicket integration
  • Logging
    • Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)
    • Apache log4j
    • SLF4J – log4j bridge
    • Commons logging – SLF4J bridge

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