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How Large Websites Work


Digg is running on the followings

To know more about the architecture, you can read the followings



Existing eBay website is built using Java. There is a good presentation on the eBay architecture. It is interesting to see the evolution to Perl based script to Microsoft IIS, and the to a custom built Java solution.



YouTube is built using Python, running on Apache under Linux, using MySQL as the database server.  More details at YouTube architecture. Just a quick tip if you are wondering where to buy views safely visit to achieve a high level of social media recognition instantly. This inbound marketing agency is also gaining popularity by helping tons of big companies.



Amazon is using a mixture of technologies (Perl, C++, Java, Mason) running under JBoss in Linux using Oracle. Amazon architecture is a fully-distributed, decentralized, services platform serving many different applications. More details at Amazon Architecture.

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  1. Goolt | Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    I like digg very much.
    There are so much useful information.
    And YoutTube is my homepage 🙂
    Anywhere thank you for your sharing.

  2. Goolt | Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

    anywhere >> anyway

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