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Good Read: 10 Must Have VS Add-Ins

10 must have VS add-ins.

  1. TestDriven.NET
  2. GhostDoc
  3. Paster
  4. CodeKeep
  5. PInvoke.NET
  6. VSWindowManager PowerToy
  7. WSContractFirst
  8. VSMouseBindings
  9. CopySourceAsHTML
  10. Cache Visualizer

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Also, 10 must have tools

  • NUnit to write unit tests
  • NDoc to create code documentation
  • NAnt to build your solutions
  • CodeSmith to generate code
  • FxCop to police your code
  • Snippet Compiler to compile small bits of code
  • Two different switcher tools, the ASP.NET Version Switcher and the Visual Studio .NET Project Converter
  • Regulator to build regular expressions
  • .NET Reflector to examine assemblies


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