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Panotipcode: Collection of Java Code Metric Tools

Panotipcode is a project dedicated to making code metrics so widely understood, valuable, and simple that their use becomes ubiquitous, thus raising the quality of software across the industry. It provides a set of open source tools for gathering, correlating, and displaying code metrics.

It packages

  • Emma – Unit test code coverage. By changing one line in your build file this can be switched to Cobertura.
  • CheckStyle – Validates that your code follows Sun’s standards for Java. If you want to use a different set of rules you only need to change one parameter in your build file.
  • JDepend – Sophisticated OO quality metrics and package dependency checking.
  • JavaNCSS – Cyclomatic Complexity and size (NCSS) metrics.
  • Volatility – Measure change within your projects. Currently this only works with Subversion, but support for other SCM repositories is planned.
  • Duplicate Code – Using Simian.
  • Panopticode Aggregator – Generates an XML file that integrates ALL of the information gathered above
  • Panopticode Reports
    • Powerful visualizations, such as TreeMaps, that allow you to see the overall picture and an amazing amount of detail in a single view.
    • Metric Correlation
    • Historic Data

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