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Eclipse Client Provider: Subversive

The Subversive plug-in gives you the ability to work with version control system from the Eclipse workbench. You can work with Subversion repositories in almost exactly the same way that has long been possible with CVS repositories using the CVS plug-in bundled in the standard Eclipse distribution.

General features of the Subversive plug-in are quite similar to those of the CVS plug-in:

  • Browse a remote repository
  • Add a project to the repository and check out projects from the repository
  • Synchronize a project to see incoming and outgoing changes
  • Commit, update and revert changes
  • See resource change history
  • Merge changes

Similarity to the CVS plug-in is one of the most important project principles. It ensures that both plug-ins use similar concepts, semantics, and interface for similar things. At the same time Subversive was created specially for Subversion and using it, you can benefit from all Subversion’s features including those features which differ from, or are not present in CVS.

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