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Java: Performance of Open Source JMS

Here is a quick summary from the article here for performance testing with JBoss Messaging, JBoss MQ and Sun Java System Message Queue

Performance characteristics can essentially be split into a number of areas.

  • Establishing a connection
  • Sending messages
  • Failure characteristics

JBoss MQ fastest in establishing connection but JBoss Messaging out-performed it at sending messages. The recommended approach when sending or receiving messages is to open a JMS connection when the client starts, and close it when it shuts down. If this approach is taken, then JBoss Messaging will likely perform the best if the default configuration is used, however there is little difference. If a new connection to the JMS server is established every time a message is sent, then JBoss MQ will perform faster.

When overloaded with messages, JBoss MQ and JBoss messaging suffered failures that brought the whole application server down. OpenMQ, in contrast, prevented the client from sending any more messages once the message queue reached a size limit. This behaviour protected the application server from failure.

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