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Create Multi Clients TCP Server Application

QuickServer is an open source Java library/framework for quick creation of robust multi-client TCP server applications. QuickServer provides an abstraction over the ServerSocket, Socket and other network and input output classes and it eases the creation of powerful network servers.


As quoted from the website, it supports

  • Create multi-client TCP server applications.
  • Support for secure server creations: SSL, TLS.
  • Support for thread per client (multi-threaded) – Blocking Mode.
  • Support for non-blocking input output – Non-Blocking Mode.
  • Clear separation of server, protocol and authentication logic.
  • Remote administration support: QSAdminServer (With support plugable application commands).
  • Command Shell for local administration of server.
  • GUI based remote administration: QsAdminGUI (with support for plug-ins)
  • Restart or Suspend the server without killing connected clients.
  • In build pools for reusing of Threads and most used Objects.
  • Full logging support [Java built in Logging].
  • Support for sending and receiving Strings, Bytes, Binary and serialized java objects.
  • Support for identifying and searching a client.
  • Support for xml configuration with ability to store application specific data in the same xml.
  • Support for xml Based JDBC Mapping.
  • Support for Service Configurator pattern.
  • Support for restricting access to server by ip address.
  • Support for loading/reloading application jar from xml.
  • Ability to add process hooks into QuickServer.
  • Ability to specify maximum number of clients allowed.
  • Support for negotiating secure connection over normal tcp connection.
  • Nice easy examples come with the distribution – FTPServer, CmdServer, EchoWebServer, ChatServer, SecureEchoWebServer, XmlAdder, PipeServer, Filesrv.

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