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JIDE: Open Source Swing Component Library

JIDE-OSS is Swing component library built on top of Java/Swing.


Features as quoted from the website,

UI Components

  • JideTabbedPane – an extended version of JTabbedPane supporting differnt tab shapes, color themes, shrinkable tabs, close button on tab, editable tab etc.
  • JideSplitPane – an extended version of JSplitPane supporting multiple splits (JSplitPane can only have two splits)
  • JideButton – an ideal replacement for a toolbar button
  • JideSplitButton – a composite component which is a combination of a button and a popup menu
  • Searchable JList, JTree, JComboBox and JTable – type in any text to quickly find matching rows, tree nodes, or table cells
  • SearchableBar – as seen in Mozilla Firefox
  • ResizablePanel, ResizableWindow and undecorated ResizableDialog
  • FolderChooser – allows you to choose a folder
  • RangeSlider – a slider which allows you to select two values to form a range
    JideScrollPane – column and row footer support for JScrollPane
  • SimpleScrollPane – a scroll pane having four scroll buttons on the four sides.
  • Overlayable – to put a component on top of another component at a specified location in order to provide a hint about how to use a component, to provide a progress indicator or to provide a status indicator beside a component without affecting the existing layout.
  • AutoResizingTextArea – a text area that can automatically resize its height to fit in the content.
  • StyledLabel – A JLabel that support different fonts, colors, and decorative lines.
    CheckBoxList and CheckBoxTree – use check boxes inside JLists and JTrees.
  • Calculator Component
  • DateSpinner and PointSpinner
    Popup – support any popup window
  • AutoCompletion and IntelliHints
  • StandardDialog – built on top of JDialog to support common used dialog standards as well as adding missing standard features of any dialogs.
  • ButtonPanel – arrange buttons in different layouts with different gaps based on OS conventions
  • Pre-built panels such as BannerPanel
  • AbstractPage – lazy loading panel with page events (open, closing, closed, etc.), an ideal panel for building dialogs

Utility Classes

  • IconFactory – simplify and unify the usage of icons across the whole application
  • SystemInfo – a utility class which can be used to retrieve information about the current system, including OS name and version, JDK version requirement, etc.
  • A fast gradient paint method in JideSwingUtilities. By leveraging DirectDraw, the fast gradient paint is 2 to 40 times faster than normal GradientPaint.

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