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Java: Open Source J2ME GUI Libraries and Components

I wrote about J2ME Polish some times ago. It is very useful and really help speed up the development for J2ME applications for various kinds of handsets.

Recently, I am also looking at the following toolkits for J2ME application development.


Fire (Flexible Interface Rendering Engine) is a lightweight themable GUI engine for j2me MIDP2 applications. It is designed to be an eye-candy replacement to the traditional midp GUI components.



J4ME (Java for ME) is just like J2ME Polish, which is an open source UI library.



Synclast UI API is an extensible toolkit for creating colorful custom user interfaces on MIDP devices in an intuitive yet efficient manner.


LWUIT is a UI library that is bundled together with applications and helps content developers in creating compelling and consistent Java ME applications. LWUIT supports visual components and other UI goodies such as theming, transitions, animation and more. See the demo, it is cool !


MWT (Micro Windows Toolkit) is a UI library inspired by AWT, Swing and SWT.

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  1. Good Boy | Sep 17, 2008 | Reply

    Do you have any idea about which UI libraries are being used by ebuddy?

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