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Kannel: Open Source SMS and WAP Gateway

Kannel is an open source SMS and WAP gateway. It is developed on Linux using C but should be able to run on Unix like systems. For Windows, you will need the Cygwin to compile it.

For SMS services,

  • Work as both Pull and Push gateway
  • Can handle 7-bit, 8-bit and Unicode data
  • Delivery reports
  • Can handle hundreds of messages per second in average workstation
  • Can be used to send operator logos, ringing tones, OTA configurations, WAP SI messages etc. but usually the message must be created by hand
  • Supports following SMS center protocols: CIMD 1.3, CIMD 2.0, SMPP 3.4, UCP/EMI 4.0. Also: SEMA SMS2000 OIS protocol for SMS centers over Radiopad and X.25.
  • Can use GMS phones and GSM modems as pseudo SMS center
  • Can connect various HTTP based content gateways
  • Can work as aggregator

For WAP services

  • WSP: connection oriented and connectionless modes.
  • WML compiler from text to binary form. Supports a number of character sets.
  • WMLScript compiler: Converts textual WMLScript source code to a byte-code format.
  • WTP: class 0, 1, and 2. Error handling is not very much tested, though.
  • WDP: Supports only UDP bearer (GSM data and GPRS), no SMS bearer support yet.
  • WAP push

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